SF Bay Area (Remote in exceptional cases) / Engineering / Full-time / (2 available)

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The next creator-first music service


We’re a small team who are attempting to make a big music service. Myxt is building an application and service for managing audio files including advanced workflow, listening, reviewing, payment, sharing, and annotation capabilities for digital creators, their collaborators and close-knit fans.

We’re building a product that will broaden access to great tools that anyone can use for personal expression and collaboration. Our work can influence how people make and share art they’ve spent hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours to craft. As a result we’re a team who are as enthusiastic about carefully shaping how and when people share their work as addressing challenges of product scale and usefulness.

Why join us?

Experience. Our team started and developed very successful, popular software projects. Among us we started Google Reader and helped build the early success of companies like Stripe and Twitter. We’re ready to start another project with the same scope of impact.

Investor support. We’re running fast thanks to investment from established Silicon Valley investors (e.g. Accel Ventures) who got involved due to belief in our abilities and our plan.

One of the most fun fields to work within. We’re working in a fun, creative field that could positively change how audio everywhere is created and enjoyed. If you join, you’ll be working to support rappers, composers, singers, producers, beat-makers, teachers, and anyone who lives to make a sound.

Engineering team and processes

We’re a small engineering team covering everything from data processing to frontend and working off of semi-weekly releases. Design is communal, though often led by the person proposing some change. Everyone in the company helps test releases, acting as company-wide QA. All engineering projects are maintained within Github’s issues tracker. When the team size grows we’ll be using pull requests both for reviews and to manage code updates. Every engineer can lead a project, especially if it reflects a strong desire and capability.

Technical Challenges

Quickly processing and streaming audio

In creator tools, convenience and speed are the first measure of a product’s usefulness. Myxt’s appeal will depend on its ability to manage audio quickly so that using our service is always an improvement over using an assemblage of scattered tools. The time-to-first-listen is extremely important and needs to be as short as possible while bulk file importing needs to be fast enough to keep workflows from having task bottlenecks.

Managing large-scale activity in groups

Myxt has multiple fan-out challenges as our group experiences grow. To name a few: we need to reasonably guarantee asynchronous message delivery, provide uninterrupted streaming of a single audio source to many clients, and provide that same streaming and message experience to multiple groups simultaneously.